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1. An Inverse Transient Thermoelastic Behavior Of Circular Plate By Using Marchi-Fasulo And Laplace Integral Transform
2. Evaluation Of Feeders Reliability By Using Events Recordand Power Performance Indexes
3. Electrical Conductivity Measurements On Undoped And Adp Doped Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate (Dshp) Single Crystals
4. Design And Fabrication Of Shape Shifting Cuboid
5. Optimization Of Process Parameters During Dry Turning Of Inconel 625 By Using Sialon Ceramic Insert
6. Ph Metric Study Of Substituted Derivative With La(III) Ce(III) And Eu(III) Metal Ions At 0.1 Molar Ionic Strength
7. Evaluation Of Feeders Reliability By Using Events Recordand Power Performance Indexes
8. The Application Of Modular Sensor In Environment Detection System And The Internet Of Things
9. Recent Trends And Challenges In Implementation Of Discrete Wavelet Transform Architecture For Image Processing
10. Image Deduplicationsystem Based On Cloud Computing
11. Continuous Electrochemical Coagulation Study For Simultaneous Removal Of Arsenite And Fluoride From Drinking Water
12. Review Of Bit-Parallel Polynomial Basis Multiplier Over GF(2m )
13. Le Lean Dans Les Services Publics : Perspectives De Son Application Dans Les Administrations Publiques Au Maroc
14. Improving Capacity Utilization In A Nigerian Brewery
15. Distributions and Damages Of Poppy Pests in Different Phenological Periods in Usak Province of Turkey
16. Lean Manufacturing Implementation Using One Piece Flow System For Productivity Improvementin Baritori Process
17. Experimental Study On The Purification Of Carbon Nanotubes Using Carbon Dioxide Gas As An Oxidation Reagent
18. Phmb - An Efficient Synthetic Polymer For Wound Healing
19. Fem Based Dynamic Analysis Of Robot End Gripper Mechanism
20. Anomaly Detectionon Images Using Machine Learning Algorithm

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