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1. Investigation Of Start-Up Torque Of Plain Journal Bearing And Design Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm To Minimize The Power Loss
2. Review Of Bit-Parallel Polynomial Basis Multiplier Over GF(2m)
3. Molecular Structure, Vibrational Spectral Studies and Nlo Properties of 5-Bromo-2, 4-Dimethoxy-Benzaldehyde by Dft
4. Design, Fabrication & Simulation of a Semi-Rigid Helicopter Swashplate Control Mechanisms
5. Implementation of 5S Practices in Manufacturing Company: A Case Study
6. Feasibility Study of Electric Vehiclesin Indian Cities
7. Analysis and Classification of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Using Kernel Graph Cut Method
8. Prediction of Defects in Axle Production Using Monte-Carlo Simulation
9. Design, Static Structural and Modal Analysis of Aircraft Wing (Naca 4412) Using Anasys Workbench 14.5
10. Design Thinking Plausible Ancient Indian Alchemical Topical Drug Mechanism for Healing Wounds – A Mechanistic Approach
11. Mgnrega in Manipur (Special Reference to Bishnupur District)
12. Enhanced Privacy Policy Prediction for User-Uploaded Images on Content Sharing Sites
13. Bolcsfoldi-Domotor prime numbers
14. Damage of Mecorhisungarica(Coleoptera: Rhynchitidae) on Wild Plum (Prunus sp.) Fruits
15. Study of Employability Skills of Engineering Students
16. Various Renewable Energy Resources with Smart Microgrid Model in Rural India
17. Vector Neural Network (RNV), A Processing Similar to The Biological Neural Network
18. Observations on The Insect and Spider Fauna in The Aestivation Period of Sunn Pest (Eurygaster İntegriceps Put.) (Heteroptera; Scutelleridae) in The Nemrut Mountain of Adıyaman
19. A Study on Tsunami Protection Works
20. Gasification of Lafia-Obi Coal Using ANSYS Fluent As CAD Tool and Effect of Temperature and Pressure on Producer Gas Composition
21. Robot Car for Exploring Dangerous environments controlled by Bluetooth
22. Comparison of Prediction Success Performances for Classification Methods
23. Challenges for an Enterprise to Deploy Devops in Multi-Cloud Environment
24. Root-knot Nematodes Infection Status in the Greenhouse Area of the Uşak Province in Turkey
25. Gigabit Fidelity (Gi-Fi) As Future Wireless Technology in Nigeria
26. Impact evaluation of Some Parameters Affecting Surface Qualities by Taguchi Experimental Design Method: An Experimental Study on Heat Treated Low Carbon Wheel Rim
27. Caractères pétrographiques et géochimiques des granitoïdes birimiens du bassin de la Comoé et environs (Sud de la Côte d'Ivoire)
28. Pétrographie et minéralogiedes intrusions alcalines du domaine SASCA (Sud-Ouest de la Côte d'Ivoire, Craton Ouest Africain), comparaison avec d'autres plutons alcalins
29. Centro de Info-comunicación: Formación profesional mediante la utilización de tecnologías de la información y la comunicación
30. Adaptive Charging Protocol (ACP) based on Non-linear Voltammetry (NLV) Charging Patterns for Fast charging Li-Ion batteries
31. Power Quality Improvement of Wind Farms Using STATCOM: A Review
32. Techniques for Fault Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
33. Analysis of Microbial Diversity in different periods of Nihewan Using High-throughput Sequencing
34. The Diversity of Actinobacteria in Nihewan Basin
35. Radon in the Nature
36. Water Security through Solar PV Water Pumping in Uttarakhand, India
37. Performance Evaluation of Diesel engine by feature selection of Exhaust using Genetic Algorithm
38. Single-Phase Uninterrupted Power Supply with Boost Converter
39. Productivity Improvement through Quality Control in Nigerian Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study
40. Renewable Energy Systems & their Suitability in Rural Areas
41. Design Analysis and Modeling by FEA of Small Scale Balcony Crane
42. DFT Study on O-H Bond Dissociation Enthalpies and Ionization Potentials of Ortho, Para and Meta Substituted Phenols: A Computational Study
43. A Survey on Security of Iot devices
44. Summability Classes of Sequences of Interval Numbers

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