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1. A Novel Architecture for Designing a Multimodal User Interface to Relational Databases
2. An Overview on Characteristics of Self-Curing Concrete Using Polyethylene Glycol-400 (PEG)
3. An Efficient and Enhanced Photo catalytic Activity of Zno Nano particles on Mineralization of Congo red Dye in Aqueous Medium
4. Association of Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) Events with Sunspot Numbers
5. An Analysis Of The Authority Captain To Safety Shipping In Indonesian Ships
6. Pressurised Water Supply in the Canal Commands for Micro Irrigation Using Solar/Grid Powered Infrastructure
7. Discrete Delay Heat Equation By Partial Alpha-Beta Difference Operators
8. Persistence of a Generalized Prey-Predator Model with Prey Reserved and Herd Behavior of Prey in Unreserved Zone, Where Both Side Prey Migration Rate Is Predator's Density Dependent Function
9. Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Degradation of Azure-A Dye By Highly Efficient Zno-Nano Photocatalyst In Presence Of Different Operational Parameters
10. Efficient Network Management: A Software Defined Networking Approach
11. Smart Pillow - The Future of Sleep & Talk Technology
12. A Review on Concept, Applicability and Implementation of Just-In-Time Technique in Construction Industry
13. Modelling and Thermal Analysis of Ultra High Temperature Ceramic Composite Wankel engine Housing
14. Design And Analysis Of Low Power 6t Full Adder With Finfet Technology
15. Impactofcritical Nodeand Selfish Nodeandhandlingtheminwsn
16. Comparative Effect of Circuit and Plyometric Training On Selected Performance Related Variables of University Level Women Kho-Kho Players
17. A Parallel Approach For Maximum Quantization Of Descendants Of Wavelet Trees
18. Automatic Brake Fluid Leakage Detection with Safety Bypass Braking System
19. App Controlled Smart Locking System for Advanced Home Security
20. A Study on Soil Improvement Techniques
21. M-Learning Paradigm Based On Clouds: A Review
22. MHD Stagnation Point Flow over a Stretching Sheet with the Effects of Thermal Radiation and Slip Conditions
23. Optimizing the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Electricity Distribution in Nigeria
24. Mechanical and Microstructural Behavior of C-Mnsteel Under Varying Strain Rates
25. Study of Variation of R.M.S. Strain with Average Particle Size of Different Phases Evolved During High Energy Ball Milling Of Anatage Tio2 Suggesting Simultaneous Occurrence of Hall-Petch Effect and Inverse Hall-Petch Effect
26. Review on the Role of Mathematical Modeling in Energy Sectors
27. The Factors Affecting Smart Rice Farming - A Systematic Literature Survey
28. Performance of Mechanical Plastic Mulch Laying Practices: A Review
29. Reformation of Co-Author Communities with Metagraph
30. A Personalized Diet Recommendation System using Fuzzy Ontology
31. Optimizing the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Electricity Distribution in Nigeria
32. Bioremediation Process ofEffluent fromDetergent andFood Industries inJos, Nigeria: Kinetics andThermodynamics
33. Classification and Characterization of Soil Resources of Experimental Farm of School Of Agriculture, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab
34. Cassandra Tool
35. Big Data
36. Synchronization of Islanded System with Inverter Interfacing With Grid
37. Selection of Best Bio-Ceramic Composite Material for Orthopedic Implant of Bones Using Grey Relational Analysis
38. Stagnation Point Flow Of Nan fluid Over a Linear Stretching Surface with the Effect of Non Uniform Heat Source/Sink
39. Study on Strength Improvement of Pervious Concrete
40. Iris as Biometric Technique- A Review
41. Fuzzy Rule-Base Expert System Assessment Possibility Of Allergy
42. Diverse Types Of Network Attacks and the Describing Security Mechanisms
43. Investigation of Heat Transfer Coefficient in "Square Shaped Pin-Fin
44. On Intuitionist Fuzzy P-Ideals and H-Ideals in Bci-Algebras
45. Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Based Powder Metallurgical Composites Reinforced With Sic& Al2o3
46. Utilization of Rough Neutrosophic Sets In Medical Diagnosis
47. Electron Impact Total Ionization Cross Sections Of Bh2 , She, F2o , Hcn , C2 And C3
48. Performance of Steel Bracings on Seismic Response In R.C Framed Structures
49. Determination of the Most Suitable Credit Provider in Banking Services with Multi Criteria Decision Making Methods
50. Preservation Methods of Historical Iron Objects: An Overview
51. Fluorimetric Study of Eugenol with Cyclodextrins
52. Skeletal Bone Age Classification Using Svm
53. A Research on Fuzzy Rule Based Expert System to Diagnose Human Diseases Using Fuzzy Inference System
54. Sentiment Analysis Evaluating the Brand Popularity of Mobile Phone by Using Revised Data Dictionary
55. Grain Size Studies of Coastal Sediments of Visakhapatnam to Bheemunipatnam, East Coast of India â€" Statistical Approach
56. Global Emperors Law,War,Politics Leaderhips G20 Geography With Global Worlds Bank Intelligency Theory Organization, Capitalism ,China,Russia ,Law Intelligence, Guinea Kankan West Africa.United Nation,Security Council
57. Optimal Decision Making Method Using Interval Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Divergence Measure Based On The Weights Of Alternatives
58. Estimation Des Debits Et Du Volume D'eau D'un Bassin Versant A L'aide De La Teledetection Et Des Systemes D'informations Geographiques Dans La Partie Sud De La Region Du Belier (Cote d'Ivoire)
59. Strength Modifier of M30 and M40 Concrete Partial Replacements with Rock Dust as Fine Aggregate
60. A Framework for Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence
61. Spectroscopic Properties of Sm2O3-V2O5 Co-Doped Pbo-As2O3 Glasses
62. A Review On Data Integrity Models And Schemes
63. Optical and thermal characterization of Nd3+doped Ce2 (C2O4) 3 10H2O crystals
64. Dictionary Learning Based Image Deploring Using Sparse Domain
65. Evaluation of the level of reading comprehension in university students applying the cloze test
66. Automated Retinal Vessel Segmentation Based On Morphology and Random Forest Classifier
67. An Optimized CPU Scheduling Algorithm

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