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1. Multiresidue Analysis Of 13 Pesticides In Spice Usingquechers-Based Method And Gas Chromatography-Triplequadrupole Mass Spectrometry
2. The Weight Based Technique for Fault Recovery in Mobile Cloud Computing
3. Violence in Tendulkar's 'The Vultures' And 'Silence! The Court Is In Session'
4. Studies of Physico-Chemical Status of Some Holy Water Ponds Of Gaya And Bodh Gaya
5. Three-Phase Five-Level Flying Capacitor Multilevel inverter For Harvesting Solar Power
6. A Review Paper Design and Development of a Smart Mirror Using Raspberry Pi
7. 5g Technology of Mobile Communication: A Review
8. A Soft Computing Technique For Diagnose Psychological Disorder at Different Stages
9. Bioethanol Production from Shorea Robusta Seeds by Using Micro Wave Pretreatment
10. Degraded Ocular Image Recognition in Enrollment System
11. A Brief Review on Bio-Medical Application of Radar
12. Use of Dstatcom Compensators for Relief of Energy Quality Unsettling Influences in Low Voltage Network With Disseminated Age
13. Retrofitting Of Rcc Beams Weak in Shear with Bfrp Wraps
14. Mathematical Model for Selective Message Forwarding Schemes Using Stochastic Methods
15. Design of Roba Mutiplier Using Booth Signed Multiplier and Brent Kung Adder
16. Design and Experimental Validation of Composite Pressure Vessel
17. Study on the Effect of Lrb Isolators on Different Asymmetric Plans of Rc Structure
18. Cash less Toll System Using Rppide
19. Thermmatology Scan Methodology Using Patel Sensor and Roku Processor
20. Heavy Metals Concentration Levels in Vegetables Irrigated From Lake Geriyo Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria
21. Text Summarizers for Education News Articles
22. Different Deterioration Rates Two Warehouse Production Inventory Model with Time and Price Dependent Demand under Inflation and Permissible Delay in Payments
23. Critical Appraisal of Gust Factor Method for Wind Loads as Per Indian Standard
24. Longest Hybrid Bike
25. A Survey of Process Migration Mechanisms in Distributed Computing Systems
26. Ultrasonic Sensor Utilization to Prevent Road Safety for Public
27. Automatic Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Fcm
28. A Numerical Solutions Of Initial Value Problems (Ivp) For Ordinary Differential Equations (Ode) With Euler And Higher Order Of Runge Kutta Methods Using Matlab
29. Restoration of Optical Coherence Tomography Images with the Help of Discrete Wavelet Transform
30. Applicability of Composite Polymer Gear in Low RPM Applications â€" A Review
31. Link Failure Recover by Resilience Method in Wireless Mesh
32. Flakyness Effect of Local Coarse Aggrgate on Workability and Compressive Strength of Concrete
33. Barotropic Bianchi Type Vi0 Cosmological Model in General Relativity
34. A Road to Efficient Power Optimization System
35. Mobile Applications Used For Farmers: A Survey
36. Efficient Plantlet Regeneration from Leaf Base Explants of Aloe Vera (L.) Burm.F. Var. Cim-Sheetal an Important Medicinal Plant
37. Identification Of Foreground Moving Targets Between Each Video Frame And Two Different Image In Single Frame
38. The Experimental Comparison on the Various LNA Circuit Topologies for Wideband Applications
39. Powell-Eyring Nanofluid Flow through A Permeable Stretching Surface with Nth Order Chemical Reaction
40. Forecasting Passenger Numbers in Saudi Arabian Airlines Flights
41. Optimization Of The Diffusion Bonding Parameters On Aa6082 Aluminium Alloy Using Taguchi's Technique
42. Analysis of Principles of Determining Hydrological Characteristics for the Design Cross-Section of the Hydropower Plant
43. Analysis of Hydrological Data Processing for Hydropower Plant Projects in Georgia
44. Evaluation of Passenger Car Service Quality through Fuzzy AHP
45. A Study On Groundwater Quality From Aprupa Watershed Basin, Sangola Taluka, Solapur District, Maharashtra.-A Case Study
46. An Appraisal of Web Crawling Algorithms
47. Evaluation of Natural Radioactivity and Physico-Chemical Characteristics Alongel-Salam Canal, Egypt
48. An Efficient Image Encryption Method Based On Genetic Algorithm
49. Engine Lock And Tracking System
50. Entropy Generation and Dissipative Effects on Couette Flow in an Aligned Magnetic Field with Radiation and Heat Source
51. Prevention of Attacks on Big Data Records by Multiple Security Strategies
52. Face Recognition Using Pca
53. Performance Investigation of Dmcg-Hcptfet
54. Review Paper on Implementation of 5 S in Different Organizations
55. Intermetallic Formation in Friction Welded Aluminum to Copper with Nickel Interlayer
56. Design of Three Tier Architecture for Near Field Communication
57. Reliability Prediction of Composite Power System Using Bayseian Regularization based ANN model
58. Model selection for forecasting growth rate of Hepatitis B patients
59. Labview Based Hand Gesture Recognition for Deaf and Dumb People
60. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of New Schiff Base Transition Metal Complexes
61. E-Learning– Aglobal Learningconcept Outside Of the Class Roomfor Professional Development
62. Occurrence of Phlogopite in Carbonatite and Associated Alkaline Rocks at Beldih, Purulia District, West Bengal, India
63. Review on Cost Effective Data Replication Techniques in a Cloud-based environment
64. Industrial Appliance Monitoring System and Remote Data Acquisition with Self Monitoring
65. Urban Rain Water Logging In Greater Hyderabad - A Spatial Perspective
66. Assessment of Ground Water Quality of Central Industrial Area of Bhilai- Durg City in Chhattisgarh
67. Virtual Reality in Health, Communication and Education
68. Research on Effect of Cashew Kernel Traveling In Color Sorting Machine

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