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1. Integrating use of Microsoft excel for low cost housing and its estimation
2. Performance Analysis of Tetris Game Variation Based On Shape and Time
3. Home Appliances Control with the Help of Pc
4. Spectral Elucidation Of Structure Of Some Complexes
5. Performance Analysis of Composite Box Girder Using Ansys.Pro
6. Vision Based Fire Detection System
7. Amplification of Upper Hybrid Wave in Inhomogeneous Plasma Due to Nonlinear Force
8. Dynamiques Urbaines Et Emergence De Nouvelles Centralités Périphériques Dans Les Villes Algériennes. Cas De La Ville D‟ain Beida
9. Gasification of Lafia-Obi Coal using ANSYS Fluent as CAD Tool and Effect of Temperature and Pressure on Producer Gas Composition
10. Parkinson‟s Disease Detection And Classification Using Machine Learning And Deep Learning Algorithms– A Survey
11. Studies on Groundwater Quality in and Around Muvattupuzha Municipality, Kerala, India
12. Asset-Based Wellbeing of Oil Palm Farmers under Fresco Plc out Grower Scheme In Edo And Delta States, Nigeria
13. Effect Of Exchange Correlation Potential On Dispersion Properties Of Lower Hybrid Wave In Ultra-Relativistic Degenerate Plasma
14. Iot Based Energy Meter
15. Relationship between Ultrasonic Testing and Compressive Strength in Different Age Concrete Structures
16. Generation of Good Quality Direct Input Data for Mathematical Models of Pulsatile Flow of Blood in Animal Cvs
17. Seismic Hazard Analysis with Moment Release Constraint in Upper Himalayas Region: An Overview
18. Cloning, Expression and Functional Characterization of the D-Amino Acid Oxidase from Rhodosporidium Diobovatum
19. Comparative Study on Super Structure of Box Girder Bridge and Cable Stayedbridge with Extra Dosed Bridge
20. Vector Quantization – A Comprehensive Study
21. Granulometric Characteristics of Estuary bar Sediments Of The Gosthani River, Bhimunipatnam, East Coast Of India
22. Location Based Tracking: The Need of the Hour
23. Popular Theoretical Models to Study Lattice Dynamics
24. The Secular Increase Of Astronomical Unit Due To The Loss Of The Solar Mass
25. A Study on Impact and digital impact of Pradhanmantri Jan Dhan Yojana on Economic Sustainability
26. Significance Of Stress Intensity Factor On Failure Behaviour Of Reinforced Concrete Beam (A case study of: Mode I Fracture)
27. Geochemical Assessment of Charnockitic Rocks in A Localised Area of Ado Ekiti, Nigeria
28. Smart Backup and Recovery In Cloud Computing
29. The Effect of Internet of Things (Iot) On Online Bpm Monitor
30. ComparativeAnalysisOfCMOSTechnology andQCA
31. A 65nm Technology CMOS Inverter
32. A Study of Supplier Evaluation with Reference
to capacity utilization, inventory, logistics and Communication (With reference to Auto
Component Industry)
33. Earth Quake Detection and Alerting Using Iot
34. Unmanned Land & Aerial Vehicle
35. Diverse Inpainting Methods : A Review
36. Municipal Solid Waste Management Study And Strategy In Aligarh City, Uttar Pradesh India
37. Ethonobotanics Used In Veterinary Practices By Konda Reddies Of Polavaram Mandal, West Godavari Dist, Andhra Pradesh : : India
38. Science Communication Through Radio
39. A Study On Virtualization And Virtual Machines
40. Durability studies and NDT of High Grade Concrete Replacing Main Ingredients By Quarry Dust & Silicafume
41. Analysis Of Financial Literacy Attributes For Individuals With Visual Impairment
42. Privacy Preserving In Tpa Using Blowfish Encryption And Shamir's Secret Sharing For Secure Cloud
43. A highly fault tolerant Multimedia Cloud Streaming approach for private cloud
44. Solidification Processing and Property Prediction of Ductile Iron
45. Early Detection of Cancer Disease using classifiers of Data Mining
46. A Review on Rolling Element Bearing Of Acoustic Based Fault Detection Methods
47. Apport de la Teledetection et des SIG a la caracterisation des mutations de cultures perennes a base de Cacao et d'Hevea dans l'ancienne boucle de Cacao : cas du departement d'Abengourou (Sud-est de la Cote d'Ivoire)
48. Design and Development of A Pulse Tube Cryocooler
49. Prioritization of Micro-watersheds in the Balekoppa Sub-watershed based on Morphometric Analysis: A Geospatial Approach
50. Resilient sanitation for settlements affected by water scarcity: A case study of ManabÃ, Ecuador
51. A Survey on Software integration to achieve Poka-yoke in pre-packing tightness automation
52. Performance Analysis of VLSI Circuits In 45nm Technology
53. Development of Prototype Model For Population Estimation: A Case Study of Udoka Housing Estate, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria
54. An Analysis of The Adequacy of Green Lane Vegetation In Absorbing The Carbon Monoxide (CO) of Transportation Activities
55. Ionic Abundance And Distribution In Groundwater Systems Within Parts of The Central Benue Trough of Nigeria
56. Modification of Oscillating Mechanism of Standing Fan for Throwing Air at 240º
57. Impact of Micro B4C Particulates Addition on Mechanical Behavior of Al2024 Alloy Composites
58. Stress Speech Identification Using Various Neural Networks
59. An Elite Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based On Quadratic Approximations For High-Dimension Bilevel Single Objective Programming Problems
60. Safety Stock Prediction System And Its Application In Chemical Fiber Enterprises
61. Effect of Soil Behind And Below Anchored Wall on The Behavior of Wall By Using Different Wall & Anchor Properties
62. Challenges And Opportunities With Big Data, Analytics For A New Era Of Efficiency
63. Engine Lock And Tracking System
64. Improving Efficiency of Private Cloud Using a Load Balancing Model: A Survey
65. Sun Synchronus Solar Power Generation Station
66. Conductance and Ion-Solvation behaviour of Sodium Sulfonates in aqueous-organic mixture
67. A Mathematical Model About Predator-Prey Holling Type-II Effect of Fading Memory - A Mathematical Approach
68. Toxicity of Sponge Extract Xestospongia Testudinaria
69. Zero-shot learning with Fast RCNN and Mask RCNN through semantic attribute Mapping
70. Energy control in non beacon enabled mode of IEEE 802.15.4
71. Image Encryption using chaotic logistic maps with larger key
72. Artificial Intelligence (AI)'s Role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
73. The Peoples' Perception of the Health Effects of Human Exposure to Ionizing Radiation from Diagnostic Medical Imaging
74. Spectral Investigations and Emission Properties Of Ho3+ Doped Different Phosphate Glasses For 2μm Laser Materials
75. Performance test on single cylinder CI-engine waste plastic fuel blend with diesel fuel
76. A Secure System For Multiedia Content Protection Using 3d Signatures
77. Mathematical Modeling Of Biogas Yield From Anaerobic Co-Digestion Of Organic Waste And Pig Dung
78. Nano-crystalline Diamond Based Optical Reflector
79. Physical-mechanical properties of Composites from Hemp Shives and Starch
80. Design and Analysis of Go Kart Chassis for High Strength and Durability
81. Parametric Index Analysis of Effects of Effluents and Solid Wastes on Ukwaka Streams, Nnewi, Nigeria
82. A Mathematical Modeling of Double Exponential Voltage â€" Waveshape (Impulse Generator) For Power Substations Using Laplace-Transform
83. Intelligent Armour
84. A Concise Analysis of Abuad Distribution Network
85. Geochemical Anomaly Zones and Mineralization Concentrated Areas in China
86. High Speed Algorithm for Arithmetic Operations Performed For Feature Extraction in Activity Recognition
87. Effect of Al2O3 - 40 wt. % TiO2 ceramic particle size and shape on flexural properties of glass fibre reinforced epoxy composites
88. Consumption Suitability Analysis of Four Sources of Water at Abakaliki Urban in Nigeria
89. Retiming Of Fixed Point Digital Filter for Critical Path Reduction
90. Development of Prediction Models of Selected Hydrodynamic Properties of Plum Fruit (Prunus domestica L.) in Water
91. Strengthening of soil by using sugarcane fibers with lime

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