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1. Ionic Abundance and Distribution in Groundwater Systems Within Parts Of The Central Benue Trough Of Nigeria
2. An Overview of Fuzzy Logic Applications
3. Inventory Ordering Control for a Retrial Service Facility System - Semi- MDP
4. Optimal Service Control in a Discrete Time Service Facility System with Inventory
5. Bond Performance of Mild Reinforcing Steel in Fiber Reinforced Cement-Limiting Concrete (FRCLC)
6. Certain Subclasses of Analytic Multivalent Functions using Generalized Differential Operator
7. Assessment of Natural Radioactivity and Some Heavy Metals Contamination along Aqaba Gulf, Egypt
8. Effect of Height to Lateral Dimension Ratio on Dynamic Behaviour of Rcc Circular Silo
9. Influence of Chemical admixture dosage on Fresh Properties of Self-compacting concrete
10. Parametric Dispersion of Acoustic Wave in a Laser Irradiated Semiconductor Plasma: Quantum Effects
11. Modeling and Simulation of Physiological Systems Using Labview
12. Moderm Techniques used for Big Data Clustering:A Review
13. Screening for antimicrobial activity of some medicinal plants
14. Synthesis, Characterization, antimicrobial, anticancer and anti-hemolytic activity of Co (II), Ni (II) and Cu (II) complexes with 2–methoxy-6-(3-iminoquinolinyl methyl) phenol
15. Finite Element Analysis of Optimization for Turning Parameters of Super Alloy Inconel 718
16. Water Supply and Waterbornes Diseases in the Population of Za-Kpota Commune (Benin, West Africa)
17. Influence Des Facteurs Environnementaux Sur La Structure Spatiale Du Peuplement Rôniers (Borassus Aethiopummart.)De La Savane, Au Centre De La Côte d'Ivoire
18. Challenges in Teaching and Learning for Visually Impaired
19. Deep Neural Networks Based Disease Detection in Family of Cashew Plants by Leaf Image Classification
20. Data Embedding an Image Using DCT Compression
21. Design and Modification of Milling Fixture for Square Shank
22. Data Integrity Verification In Cloud Database
23. Penta Band Inset-Fed Circular Microstrip Antenna For Wireless Communications
24. Utilization of Basic oxygen furnace slag as aggregate in Bituminous mix
25. Performance Analysis of Semantic Assisted Convolutional Neural Networks in Face Recognition
26. Peak - To - Average Power Ratio Reduction Techniquesfor Ofdm Systems
27. Plane Gravitational Waves in Four Dimensional, Space-Time (I)
28. Efficient Use Of Graphene Nano Platelets For Removal Of Antibiotic Drug From Aqueous Solution
29. Analysis of Asymmetrical Building with Shear Wall under Seismic Loading
30. Smart Room Identifier for Visually Impaired People
31. Design and Fabrication of Organic waste Shredding machine
32. Advances in Mobile Cloud Computing
33. Texture Image Retrieval Using A Set of Dual-Tree Rotated Complex Wavelet Filter And Dual-Tree-Complex Wavelet Transform
34. Load Flow and Voltage Instability Analysis Using MI Power Software
35. Growth and Characterization of Semi-Organic NLO Material: L-Valine Lithium Nitrate
36. Disha- A Personal Assistant For Driver
37. Modeling and Analysis of Three Components of Cutting Force During the Turning of Red Brass (C23000) Using Regression Analysis
38. Seismic Performance of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Column Building
39. Renewable Energy in India: Current Status and Future Prospects
40. Behaviour of Concrete Encased Columns in Irregular Buildings under Seismic Conditions
41. A Study on Determination of Metals in Road Side Dust at Selected Locations of Delhi
42. Methane: A Need of Hour
43. Fixed Point Theorems on Partial Metric Spaces Using Meir-Keeler Type Contractions
44. Camera Based Fod Detection Using Image Processing Technique
45. Physiochemical and Phytochemical Characteristics of Lesser-Known Nigerian Black Melon (Ahu Agba) Seed Flour
46. Effect Of Variation In Geometry & Seismic Zones On Rcc Elevated Water Tank: A Dynamic Analysis
47. Prediction of Labour Rates by Using Multiplicative and Grey Model
48. Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Some Agronomic Traits of Cotton (Gossypiumhirsutum L.) Cultivars Differing in Maturity
49. Handwritten character recognition Using Edge Detection, Segmentation and Pattern Matching
50. Effect of Process Parameters on Angular Error in Wire-EDM Taper Cutting of AISI D2 Tool Steel
51. The Effectiveness of Integrating Software Agent in Learning Management System for Improving Academic Performance
52. Development of a Mathematical Model using Correlation Regression Analysis on Traffic Management at Major Junctions in City
53. Using of chitosan as an alternative biodegradable thickener in reactive Ink Jet Printing
54. Experimental Investigation Onpartial Replacementof Coarse Aggregateby Recycled Aggregateinconcrete
55. Information Technology's position, role and function in teaching and study in the period of science and technology's integration and development
56. A Brief Historical Overview Of the Gaussian Curve: From Abraham De Moivre to Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss
57. A Novel Dc Voltage Detection Technique in Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converter Based Photovoltaic System
58. Properties of Stone Matrix Asphalt Using Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber
59. Design of Hybrid Dual Wide Band Antenna with Notch Band Characteristics
60. El Aula Virtual Como Complemento De La Clase Presencial. Caso: Universidad Nacional De Costa Rica - Sede Regional Chorotega – Guanacaste – Costa Rica
61. Comparative study on Thermo-Mechanical properties of surface treated Fly Ash filled USP Composites
62. Effects of Passives on the Performance of an Axial Flow Compressor
63. Dynamic Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles in Group

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