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1. The Study of the Vulnerability of the East Coast India
2. Life Cycle Cost Analysis of a Major Public Project
3. Restoration of Minor Irrigation Tank Using Geophysical Methods in Deccan Traps – A Case Study in Sawangi, Amravati District, Maharashtra
4. Improved Reliability Analysis of Electricity Power Supply to Port Harcourt Distribution Network
5. Enhancing the Reliability Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Different Types of Solar
6. Condition Monitoring Of Transformers by Incipient Fault Diagnosis –An Overview
7. Ground Water Quality Analysis and Mapping of District Nuh and Its Surrounding Ecosystem: A Case Study of Nuh, Haryana
8. A Transiently Chaotic flow for free convection of a couple stress fluids in a rotating porous layer
9. Protection of overhead transmission lines from lightning strike
10. Depth of Cuts in Cemented Sand
11. Analysis Of Multicast Routingprotocols (Gbdsr And Maodv)In Manet
12. Comparison of different PV power simulation softwares: case study on performance analysis of 1 MW grid-connected PV solar power plant
13. Study on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Glass Fiber Reinforcedepoxy Composites with Sic & Flyash as Fillers
14. A Novel Method for Solar Energy Harvesting Based On Optimization with Fuzzy Logic
15. Review of aluminium composites and their tribological and mechanical properties
16. Different Thermal Barrier Coatings on Modified Piston
17. Preparation and Characterization of Tungsten Oxide Thick Film Gas Sensor
18. A rapid and simple strategy for the formation and isolation of astaxanthin high-yielding Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous mutant variants
19. Iot Based Remote Health Care Monitoring System Using Wearable Sensor for Tracking Anomalous Situation
20. Characterisation and Theorems on Quaternion Hermitian Doubly Stochastic Matrix
21. Heart Disease Detection: A Neural Networks Application
22. Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial screening of some new bipyridinyl substituted coumarin
23. Joint resource allocation and edge computing forreal-time wireless video transmission
24. Environmental Aspects of Sanitary Landfill Site Selection and Design for Municipal Solid Waste of Kandahar City, Afghanistan
25. Review: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in Agriculture
26. Mhd Convective Flow Past A Vertical Porous Plate Under The Influence Of Thermaland Mass Diffusion
27. Common Fixed Point Theorem of Semi Compatible Mapping in Intuitionisticfuzzy Metric Space
28. Comparative Study of System of Rice Intensification and Traditional Method of Rice Cultivation in Thiruvarur District of Tamil Nadu – India
29. Design and Analysis of Draw Bead Profile in Sheet Metal Forming Of Reinf-Rr End Upr-Lh/Rh for Safe Thinning
30. Design and Experimental Analysis of Double Slope Single Basin Solar Still Using Phase Changing Materials, Sensible Heat Storing Elements and Reflectors
31. Observer Design for pressurized pipes with non-constant physical parameters
32. Multiple Object Tracking System Using Discriminative Correlation Filter
33. Self Adjusting Slot Pattern For Harmonized And Assorted Using Hadoop Clusters
34. Optimized Current Efficiency Using Different Anode Oxide Layers
35. A Modified PAPR Reduction Of OFDM Systems Using Clipping And Filtering For Different Modulation Techniques
36. Analysing Asia Websites by Using Automated Usability Testing
37. Detecting Sybil Nodes
38. Generalized Weibull Pareto Distribution To Analyze The Association Of Estrogen And Progesterone Hormone With Mammographic Density Phenotypes
39. Hybrid Steganography System Using Interpolation andLSB
40. Pressure-Induced Crystal-Structure Transition in Fe-Cr Alloys
41. Curing Characteristics and Kinetics of Natural Rubber – Nano Calcium Carbonate Composites
42. F4-TCNQ Concentration Dependent Capacitance-Voltage (C-V) and Conductivity-Voltage (G/W-V) Characteristics of the Au/P3HT:F4-TCNQ/N-Si (MPS) Schottky Barrier Diodes
43. Curing Of Diabetes Mellitus by Stem Cell Therapy: A Review
44. Investigations on the Effect of Fouling Factor in the Air Side of Air Cooled Condenser
45. Investigation of Structural, Spectral, Optical and Thermal Properties in Grown L-Cystein Doped Bis Thiourea Zinc Acetate (L-Btza)
46. Multi-Mode Control for Assistive Technology Device
47. Real Time Traffic Control to Optimize Waiting Time of Vehicles at Road Arterial Networks
48. A Study on Strength Properties of Expansive Soil Treated with Quarry Dust
49. Study of Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Glass Fiber Reinforced Vinyl Ester Nanocomposites
50. Multiple Object Tracking System Using Discriminative Correlation Filter

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