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1. Pathology Voice Detection and Classification Using Ensemble Learning
2. Smart Backup and Recovery In Cloud Computing
3. Synthesis of flexure hinges at topology optimization application
4. Effect of Overlapping Layout of Fe/Tio2on CO2 Reduction with H2 and H2O
5. Numerical Investigation of Punching Shear Pattern of Flat Plate Supported By Coupled Columns
6. Mechanical Properties of M 25 Grade Concrete Made With Pumice as A Partial Replacement Of Coarse Aggregate
7. Big Data and its privacy and security concerns
8. A Study on Importance and Effectiveness of Cognitive ELearning in Distance Education of Rural Areas
9. Performance Improvement of Tmdm Using Hetrogenous Data Fragmentations and High Speed Clustering
10. High-Dimensional Information Filtering Using Query Reorganization Algorithms
11. Development of integrated system for providing real-time driving environment information based on individual vehicle sensors using experimental vehicles
12. Pollination, Pollen Biology, Stigma Receptivity, Seed Dormancy Breaking Treatments on Hibiscus Rosa- Sinensis L
13. Improving Learning Ability AND Skill IN Mathematics Using Ict Tools
14. Degree Equitable Sum Matrix of a Graph
15. Implementation of Six Sigma Method in the Chip Inductor Production Process to Reduce Product Defects; Case Study In PT. XYZ
16. Impact Of Urban Growth On Landuse , A Case Study Of Guwahati City, Assam
17. Design and Performance Evaluation of a Vortex Tube Form by a Delrin Material
18. Analysis of Bandgap Energy and Refractive Index of Ferroelectric Perovskite Pbbatio3
19. Variabilite Saisonniere Et Interannuelle De La Salinite De Surface De La Mer Du Golfe Ivoirien A L'aide De L'imagerie Satellitaire De Smos-Miras De La Periode 2010-2014
20. MDP in Supply Chain: Optimal Inventory Control System
21. Assessment of Harmonics In Electrical Power Systems: Causes, Effects And Reduction Using Active Filters
22. Influences of Solar Activities on Earthquakes during Different two Solar Cycles 22 and 23
23. Migration of Science, Technology and Engineering Development by Globalization of Higher Education Opportunities: Contemporary Evaluation of Africa Experience
24. A Simple Model for Factor of Safety in River Bank Stability Analysis: A Case Study in Lower Assam Region of River Brahmaputra
25. Some Results on Fuzzy δ - Semi Precompactness
26. E-Commerce Impact toward User Hedonism Behavior
27. Study and Design Aspects of Light Weight Inverter for Renewable Energy Resources
28. Optimization of Cable Length in Transmission Line - Cable Fed G.I.S System
29. Non-Homogeneous Bi-Quadratic Equation With Three Unknowns
30. Ranking Models for Selection of Cloud Services Based On the Fuzzy Logic
31. Synthesis And Characterization Of Schiff Base Metal Complexes Of Zr(IV) And Th(IV) Using (DFMPM) And L-Alanine
32. Applications of Big Data for Information Optimisation And And Knowledge Utilization
33. Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Chalcones as Potential Anti Fungal Agents
34. Planning, Scheduling and Tracking of building Using Primavera P6
35. Factors Militating Against Full Adoption of Hermetic Storage Structures At All Levels Of Cereal Grain/Pulses Storage in a Developing Economy
36. Collaboration of Cryptography and Steganography for Enhanced Security: A Review
37. Deciphering groundwater quality for drinking and irrigation in rural areas of Paramakudi block, Tamil Nadu
38. A Real-Time Design Model for Monitoring Electrical Power Transformers from Substations to the Consumers
39. A Steganocryptographic Algorithm Using 3 Level Dwt Steganography And Eacc Encryption
40. Effects of Exchange Rate on Agricultural Export in Nigeria
41. A New Algorithm for initial basic feasible solution of Transportation Problem
42. Space Organization in High-Rise Buildings (A Case Study of Kanti Towers, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria)
43. A study on Utilization of BIM Model for the Development of Disaster Response Support Technology
44. A Study on Utilization Plans for Already-constructed BIM data for Physical Protection Simulation
45. Application of ROM Scale for Assessing Erosional Vulnerability in Lower Assam Region of River Brahmaputra
46. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and GMM Supervectors in Video Concept Detection
47. Comparative Performance Evaluation on Different Brands of Knitting Lubricant
48. The Relation of EEG and NASA- TLX Score of Errors in the Sample Inspection Process
49. A Cross Encroachment detection system design for computer network security
50. IRS P6-LISS IV Satellite Image Analysis For Mapping Geomorphology And Hydrogeological Features Along The Musi River From Hyderabad To Valigonda, Telangana State, India.
51. Bolcsfoldi prime numbers
52. Details of Constructed Laguerre Wavelet Transform with the Mathematical Framework
53. Narrowband Passband Microstrip Filter Using Octagonal Ring Resonator with DGS Technique
54. Preparation and Characterization of CeO2doped ZnOTiO2Semiconducting Nano Composite
55. Interference Evaluations in Frequency Reuse by Using Offset- Parabolic-Reflector Antennas for a UHTS System
56. Power Efficiency in Mobile Adhoc Network: PEMA
57. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and digital divide in Costa Rica: opportunities to create complementary learning spaces in Higher Education using social networks
58. The Internationalization of Construction Industry - A Global Perspective
59. Modeling And Simulation Of Absorption Rate Of Zinc From Polluted Soil By Bushgreen Roots
60. The School as a Social System - A Review
61. Symmetry in Formation of Molecules
62. On Heron Triangles

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