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1. Climatic potential: Starting point for the design of Residential housing
2. Design and Analysis of Frame of an Electric Bike
3. Treatment Methods of Distillary Spent Wash: A Review
4. Extraction automatique des lineaments a l'aide d'images satellitaires optique et radar en milieu de socle precambrien (Haute Marahoue, Cote d'Ivoire)
5. A Multi-stage Stochastic model for a multi-product closed-loop supply chain network design
6. Shake Table Experiment on Reactor Vessel
7. A Review on Tcp Variants with Mobile Ad Hoc Network
8. Wireless Sensor Network- Framework on Issues, Challenges, Threats and Safety Efforts
9. Exploiting the Extract Constituents of Pentaclethra Macrophylla Bentham (Ugba) Leaves in the Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in Acidic Media
10. Implementation of Ant Colony Algorithm Review
11. Hierarhical Forest Custer and Heuristic Poll Classification For Mining Web Access Logs
12. A New Approach to Embed Confidential Data within Color Images
13. An Innovative K* Clustering Algorithm on Systematic Transformation of Asynchronous Regions for Estimating Education completion performance
14. Analog Processing: An application in the Basics of Real Space and Wave Mechanics
15. An Optimized Virtual Machine Migration Algorithm for Energy Efficient Data Centers
16. Distributed Media Sharing
17. Modified Inner Lid of Pressure Cooker
18. The Hydrogeochemistry of the Mayes Water Fall, North Central Nigeria
19. Effect of Carbon Dosage and Contact Time of Activated Carbon Produced from Palm Kernel on Adsorption of Lead
20. An Analysis of the Components of the Gross Domestic Product of India
21. Development of Water Scrubber for Removal of CO2 from biogas
22. Design of Digital Filter by particle swarm optimization algorithm
23. A Review on Influence of Ozone and Pasteurization on physicochemical properties, Microbiology, and stability of milk
24. A Case Study of Structural Failure of Mounting Systems for Solar Panels from South-Eastern Turkey: An Investigation of Design Parameters under Extreme Weather Events
25. Management of Protected Areas and sustainable use of Caatinga Biodiversity in Brazil
26. Selection of a Scheduler (Dispatcher) within a Datacenter using Enhanced Equally Spread Current Execution (EESCE)
27. A Review of Pallet Conveyors Design Methodology
28. A Study on Analysis of Higher Education in India
29. Preparation and Characteristics of N-Hydroxyamidines
30. Violence against Doctors in Healthcare Centers Case Study: "Benghazi Medical Center"
31. A Review Paper on-Movable Wall System A Flexible Solution for Every Space
32. Combined Effects of Sawdust and Rice Husk Ashes on Concrete Exposed To Sulphate Environment
33. Bioremediation of Organic wastes arising from Drinking Water Treatment by white rot fungus
34. Satellie and Natural Image Denoising Using Singular Difference Butterworth and Sliding Deep Neural Network

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