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1. A Focused Study on Various Techniques of Digital Watermarking
2. Construction Of A Widetuneable Volume Coil For Small-Animal MR Imaging
3. Development Of A Client Loyalty Plan In The Company Cda Automas Ltda Through A Crm
4. Poverty to Alleviation: Green economy and sustainable development - a review
5. Ergonomic Risk Manipulations in Construction Sphere- A Literature Review
6. Effect of municipal solid waste leachate on the Geotechnical properties of soil
7. Study of the Effect of Attrition on the Properties of Catalyst Used for Industrial FCC Operation
8. Maximization of Profit in a Product Mix Company Using Linear Programming
9. Performance of Clayey Soil Stabilized with Coir Fibre: A Review
10. To calculate the most appropriate area of Thrust block on Tee junction with opposite face having same and different diameter
11. Bio-Concrete the Self Healing Concrete
12. Design challenges and Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks for next generation
13. Intelligent Traffic Control for Smart Cities
14. Something is there without nothing
15. Integration of Boolean Operators on Reversible Circuits Using NMLibrary
16. Smart Fleet Management Using Internet of Things
17. Evaluation of some physical and mechanical properties of blends of Jos (Laranto) Sands for foundry applications
18. Back Propagation Method for Heart Disease Prediction
19. Optimization of Proton Exchange Membrane (Pem) Materials in an Electrochemical Process for Methanol Fuel Synthesis
20. Secured Data Retrieval Disruption tolerant network
21. Comparative Study of Frequent Graph Structure Pattern Mining Algorithm
22. HMM Classification Approach for the Stock Market Prediction in Data Mining

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