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1. Design, Construction and Testing Of a Freeze Dryer for Vegetables
2. Patients' perceptions of nursing service quality: a literature review
3. Political Leaderships In G20 Public Security Constitution Laws– Nuclear States Jurisprudence To Communist Guinea Kankan Security Council United Nation Permanent MembershipVeto Power
4. Application status of IMB technique model in patients' self-management
5. The Uptake of Cadmium by Fruits Grown on Selected Agricultural Areas
6. Estimation of Technical Losses in Generation and 330kv Transmission Network of Nigeria National Electric Power System
7. Potential Use of Dredged Material from Wular Lake with Surkhi as Stabliser
8. Toxicological and Antiplasmodial Suppressive Activities of Ethanolic Extracts of Orange (Citrus sinensis) peels, Grape (Citrus paradisi) andGuava (Psidium guajava)Leaves in Albino Rats
9. Performance Comparison of K-Nearest Neighbors and Gaussian Naïve Bayes algorithms for Heart Disease Prediction
10. Biodegradability Enhancement of Polymer Polylactic Acid (PLA) by using Ultrasonic and Rheological Techniques
11. Recent Trends in Textile and Apparel Finishes
12. Quantitative Examination of Nicotine Content of Tobacco Leaves Using Spectrophotometric Method as a Means of Enlightenment Programme in Schools
13. Iron and Steel Slag Utilization
14. Development of Deterministic Model between Peak Discharge(Qp) & Duration(D) of Unit Hydrograph and Comparison of 'US Army Corps of Engineers' recommendations with the present Study at Kharkai Barrage site on river Subarnarekha, India
15. Removing Noise from Voice Signals Using Height Adjustable Triagular (Hat) Window Basedfirdigital Filters
16. Challenges facing Governmental policies dealing with informal urban expansion in peri-urban areas in Egypt
17. Detection of Glaucoma Disease from Optical Images Using Image Processing and Machine Learning Techniques
18. The ApplicationResearch of Optimal Control Arithmetictopumpsoperation
19. Critical Factors Limiting the Performance of Small-Scale Construction Firms in Nigeria
20. Investigating the Effect of Highway Geometric Design on Safety, Using a Safety Indicator within the Design Manual
21. Assessing Modular Kitchen through an Ergonomic Lens: A Case Study
22. Detection and Classification of Blood samples using Soft Computing Techniques
23. Dynamic Model of Melting - Investigation of Stability for Nanopyramid of Spherical Atoms
24. Optimization of the Process Parameters of Forging of Pitman Arm
25. Synthesis and Characterization of Thermally Stable Photoactive PEEK Polymers
26. Design and Development of Copper Coil Leg Bending and Flatenning Hydraulic Machine
27. Process management, tool change and challenge in resource optimization
28. Stability of Polymer Modified Asphaltic Concrete
29. Typical Analysis for Minimization of Non-Technical Losses in Yola Electricity Distribution Company
30. Image processing by Edge detection and Noise
31. Effect of Youtube on Performance of Secondary School Students in Biology Concepts in Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State

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