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Category : Volume 2 - Issue 11 (version 2)


Investigation on The Effect of Addition of Magnessium on The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Bronze
Adeyemi, GbengaJ||,Oluwadare, Benjamin S|| Olanipekun, Kolade O File Size 1018 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/02110201013
Nutritional Studies on Rats Fed Diets Formulated From Treated and Raw Samples of Jatropha Curcas Seed
Nwala , C. O||Akaninwor, J. O. ||Monanu, M. O. File Size 260 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/021102014019
Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of Kafe-1 Field, Offshore Western Niger Delta, Nigeria
S. O. Obaje File Size 554 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/021102020030
Electronic Waste Scenario in Nigeria: Issues, Problems And Solutions
S. O. Obaje File Size 410 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/021102031036
An Assessment of Some Heavy Metal Elements in Crude Oil Contaminated Soils Remediated By Some Wild-Type Legumes
Michael Uche Osam , ||Matthew Owhondah Wegwu ||Edward O. Ayalogu File Size 326 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/021102037042
An Investigation of The Social Amenities Provided In The Host Community Of Rivers Vegetable Oil Company Limited (Rivoc), Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Emmanuel Anayo Wokemezie || Christy U. Omego File Size 315 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/021102043049
An Automatic Text Detection Usingmorphological Operations and Inpainting
Sandeep Banerjee||Neeraj Kumar||Shwetanak Saurabh||Rachit Gupta File Size 406 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/021102050053
Soil pH, Moisture Content and Some Macro Non-Metallic Elements in Crude Oil Contaminated Soils Remediated By Some Wild-Type Legumes
Michael Uche Osam|| Matthew Owhondah Wegwu || Edward O. Ayalogu File Size 309 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/021102054059
Chip Formation in the Machining Of Al-Sic/Aln Matrix Metal Composite (MMC) Using the Uncoated Of Carbide Tool
M.S.Said1, J.A.Ghani|| Che Hassan C.H|| N.N.Wan|| R.Othman|| M.A. Selamat File Size 468 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/021102060063
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