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A Methodological Framework to Estimate GHG from Travel Pattern of Tyne & Wear of Newcastle, UK with Various Policy Options using Fuzzy Logic Modal Split Model
Margaret Bell || Pradip K Sarkar || D.Dilum || Anil Namdeo File Size 836 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/41001012
Quantum Meta-Heuristic Algorithm Based on Harmony Search
Essam Al Daoud File Size 476 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/410013018
An Experimental Study on Vehicular Emission Dispersion through Single Storied Building Model Configurations
Dr.Krishna M. K||Dr.Mahalingegowda R. M File Size 776 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/410019025
Greedy Edge Colouring for Lower Bound of an Achromatic Index of Simple Graphs
S.D.Deo|| Ganesh V. Joshi File Size 455 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/410026027
Reed Solomon Coding For Error Detection and Correction
Pankaj Kumar Jha|| Monika Kapoor|| Rita Jain File Size 326 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/410028032
Analytical solution for Transient MHD flow through a Darcian porous regime in a Rotating System
Hamida Khatun || Sahin Ahmed File Size 513 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/410033042
Daly Analysis for WiMax under balanced and unbalanced traffic conditions in fixed priorities between stations
Ramdan A. Kalifa || Nasar Aldian Ambark Shashoa File Size 373 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/410043051
Time Orient Multi Attribute Sensor Selection Technique For Data Collection In Wireless Sensor Networks
Paper Index : 26.6718/410053059
In silico Drug Design: Prospective for Drug Lead Discovery
Le Anh Vu|| Phan Thi Cam Quyen|| Nguyen Thuy Huong File Size 416 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/410060070
Teeth Segmentation Analys is using Level Set Method
Sukant Behera || J.Kaliappan File Size 189 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/410071075
E-Waste: A Hazard to Environment
Sasmita Hota || Sunita Barik File Size 197 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/410076078
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