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Category : Volume 4 - Issue 3 , Version-1


Engine Performance and Emission Test of Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Oil, Methanol and Diesel blends with a Cetane Additive AC 2010A on Four Stroke Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine
A.S.P. Sri Vignesh ||Prof C. Thamotharan File Size 426 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/04310106
A Study on Indoor Temperature and Comfort Temperature
M.Ponni ||Dr.R.Baskar File Size 488 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/043107014
Estimation Of Vitamin Content In Fruit Juices By Ultrasonic Technique
G.Samuel ||Rexlin Sindhiya . J ||I.Johnson File Size 403 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/0431015019
Estimation of Mineral Content in Vegetable Extraction by Ultrasonic Techniqu
G.Samuel ||s.Dhanalakshmi || I.Johnson File Size 442 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/0431020023
Evaluationof Smartphone Accessibility Interface Practices for Older Adults
Amira Ahmed ||Aleeha Iftikhar ||Sarmad Sadik File Size 295 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/0431024030
Water Quality Assessment of Vit University "Green" Lake Using Gis
Siddharth Singh ||Pankaj Thakur File Size 537 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/0431031036
Design and Implementation of Maximum Power Point Tracking in Photovoltaic Systems
K P J Pradeep ||C Chandra Mouli || K Sai Prasad Reddy || K Nagabhushan Raju File Size 981 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/0431037043
Dynamic analysis of agent network in self organisation using service level agreement technique
D.Kani Jesintha || J.Prem Anandh || M.Ramnath File Size 500 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/0431044049
Mapping and Monitoring Spatial-Temporal Cover Change of Prosopis Species Colonization in Baringo Central, Kenya
A. A. Amboka ||T.G Ngigi File Size 330 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/431050057
Evaluating the effect of mixing method on the performance of mortar containing oil
Magdi H. Almabrok || Robert G. McLaughlan || Kirk Vessalas File Size 389 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/0431058064
Effect of Date of Sowing and Varieties on Yield of Brown Sarson (Brassica Rapa L.) Under Temperate Kashmir
Sabia Akhter || Lal Singh || Rubia Rasool || Shazia Ramzan File Size 328 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/0431065069
Green Building Materials for Acoustics of an Auditorium - A Case Study
Shiney A || Premlet B File Size 658 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/0431070076
Lifi(Light fidelity)-Efficient use of visible spectrum
Darshan Jadhav || Snehal Patil || Riya Singh || Keya Patel File Size 628 KB
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