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Category : Volume 3 - Issue 10


Comparison and Optimization of Wear Rates of Two Types of Dental Composites On The Basis Of Micro Hardness
G. Dr. ChaitaliUmesh Hambire|| Dr. Umesh Vishnu Hambire|| Subodh Ashok Shirsath File Size 1199 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/031010105
Heterogeneous Combustion Wave as an X-Ray Source
V.F. Tarasenko|| Yu.M. Maksimov||A.I. Kirdyashkin|| V.G. Salamatov|| E.A. Sosnin1|| R. M. Gabbasov File Size 596 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/03106012
The Pedagogical Potential of Augmented Reality Apps
Gary Bitter ||Allen Corral File Size 360 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/031013017
On the Identification Protocols of Versions 4 and 6
Mustafa A. Salman File Size 257 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/031018021
Fundamentals of the Non-Equilibrium Statistical Thermohydrodynamic Theory of the Small-Scale Dissipative Turbulence And The Deterministic Thermohydrogravidynamic Theory of the Glogal Seismotectonic, Volcanic and Climatic Activity of the Earth
Sergey V. Simonenko File Size 1,382 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/031022058
On The Fundamental Flaws of Qubit Concept for General-Purpose Quantum Computing
C. H. Wu File Size 423KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/031059070
Effect of width and layers of GFRP strips on deflection of Reinforced Concrete - GFRP Composite Beam
Ayad S. Adi ||B. S. Karkare||Mohammad Makki Abbass File Size 532KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/031071075
Recovery of low frequency Signals from noisy data using Ensembled Empirical Mode Detection
Ms. Neena Pandey || Mr. Amit Kumar File Size 188KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/031076079
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Based Employee Management System (EMS)
Saumya Sharma || Mrs. Shimi S.L. || Dr. S. Chatterji File Size 551KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/031080083
The qualitative analysis of Bis (p--methoxybenzaldehyde) Sulphonamide Titanium (III)Chloride
Dr Mukesh Baboo || Shamim Ahmed File Size 312 KB
Paper Index : 26.6718/03108492
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