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Category : Volume-10 ~ Issue-4

Effect of Sintering Temperature on Structure, Mechanical Properties and Permeability of Porous Coppers Using Sphere and Dendrite Powder Shapes
Tran Bao Trung || Doan Dinh Phuong || Trinh Minh Hoan || Nguyen Van Toan || Do Thi Nhung File Size 643 KB
Mastery-Humility Model for the Teaching of Sustainability
Ruslan Hassan, FASc File Size 529 KB
Modeling of Mn2+ doped MgV2O6 Crystal
Ram Kripal || Lal Chandra Shukla || Upendra Mani Tripathi File Size 411 KB
Concept of Merging Ancient Architectural Design with The Modern Conceptual, to Be as Curriculum Course Teach at Architectural Faculties to Obtain Professional Learning Outcomes
Wael Wajeeh Al-Buzz File Size 645 KB
Spectral and Raman Analysis of Sm3+ Doped in Zinc Lithium Soda lime Alumino Silicate Glasses
S.L.Meena File Size 625 KB
Fabrication of Reinforced Oil Palm Trunk Fibers with Rubber and Plastic Resin using Industrial Manufacturing Techniques for Prosthetic Applications
Gautheman Kurup || Zainon Sharmila Binti Shamsuddin || Nishata Royan Rajendran Royan File Size 703 KB
The Effect of Intercropping system of Wheat and Lentil Crops , and sowing Methods on yield and its components under Rain Fed Area in Fayda location
Alrijabo || Islam Abdulsattar Asmair || Talal Abed Khattab Al- Healy File Size 938 KB
Investigation of Physico-Chemical Properties of Non-Conventional Sansevieria trifasciata Fibre with Different Extraction Methods
Himadri Das || Dipul Kalita File Size 515 KB
Reduction of Power System Losses in Transmission Network Using Optimization Method
Aneke N.E || Ngang, N.B File Size 780 KB

Comparative Analysis of Urban Mapping Techniques In Owerri Urban Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Njoku, R.E || Baywood, C.C || Igbokwe, E.C || Udo, E. File Size 908 KB
Iron and Steel Industry-A Review of ETP Technologies
Ms.Pradnya.B.Chaudhari || Prof.Leelamani Pillai || Dr.Sonali R. Dhokpande File Size 591 KB
Discussion of Tort Liability of Self-Driving Vehicles
Xu Qinyi File Size 186 KB
Note On An Inverse Transient Thermoelastic Behavior of Circular Plate
Badrinath E Ghonge File Size 436 KB
Determination of Supply Rate and Form of Nitrogen on the Growth of Tomato in Greenhouse
Mohamed Nafa Astill || Fateh O. Zidan File Size 420 KB
Engineering Properties of Safflower Oilseeds
A.D. Khobragade || Dr. P.A. Borkar || U.H. Khobragade File Size 286 KB
Sustainable Thermal Insulator for prefabricated concrete homes in the Andean Areas
Marcel Paredes || Tito Castillo || Alexis Andrade || Cinthia Maygualema File Size 652 KB

Commercial Law Thinking and Civil Logic - Perspective of Chinese Law
Jin Huiling File Size 185 KB
Effects of Process Standardization in the Human Management Process
Angie Paola Gutierrez Cadena || Daniela Valentina Jaimes Gelvez || M.B.A Ever Angel Fuente Rojas File Size 513 KB
Processing and quality Of < Charmout > A Dry And Spicy Meat From The Lake Chad Basin
DJOULDE DARMAN Roger || DEMAI Bijoux Silvia || NDIH Aime Christian || BAYOI James || BAKARI DAOUDOU File Size 529 KB
Case study: Investigation of the fracture of low pressure steam turbine blade
Jassim Farij Thijel || Mudher Al-hafidh || Husam A. Abdul-Husain File Size 680 KB
Dynamique d'occupation du sol du bassin versant de la volta, par la methode de l'arbre de decision, a partir des images multispectrales de la generation Landsat de 1990 a 2020
NJEUGEUT MBIAFEU Amandine Carine || YOUAN TA Marc || SOROKOBY Vano Mathunaise || ASSOMA Tchimou Vincent || ADJA Miessan Germain || JOURDA Jean Patrice File Size 908 KB
Artificial intelligence systems for tool condition monitoring in machining: analysis and critical review
Vivek Kumar File Size 192 KB
Cause of Global Warming and its Impact
Biofunctional Potential and Utilization of Sagittaria Sagittifolia L.
Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma File Size 182 KB
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